Ohayo gozaimasu (good morning in Japanese)! Today, I want to share my Sunday hair treatment ritual with you : )

Usually, if I'm not working, Sunday is when I try to recharge myself (and my hair) from the previous hectic seven-day work/life schedule, and prepare myself for whatever upcoming challenges I (my hair) may face within the new week.

I'm probably my own hair's worst enemy. Seriously, after all the things I've done to it,  I can't believe it's still there! I mean, my motto used to be "@#$% it, it'll grown back".
I've change my hair color quite often, thus, earning me the nickname Linda Evangelista (don't I wish!) from some of my friends. I've had every color imaginable (and not), from purple, pink, green, blue, every possible shade of red, even big bird yellow. Besides coloring, I also abuse my hair with constant heat styling (sizzle, sizzle, is something burning?).  After a grueling week a torture, my hair can start to look and feel a bit parched and lifeless; so, my deep conditioning ritual is a must!!!

First, I like to start with a clarifying shampoo; my product of choice is Kenra's clarifying shampoo. I love this clarifying shampoo because it is great for areas with hard water (i.e. Japan) and it's color safe. This shampoo gently removes dulling deposits and build-up leaving my hair squeaky clean. Also, I love the refreshing grapefruit smell.

Next, I follow up with a deep-conditioning treatment or masque. Some of my favorites are: Kenra's Nourishing Masque, kerastase Nutritive's oleo-relax slim, or any of these three products from Redken; all soft heavy cream super treatment, smooth down butter treat or real control intense renewal super moisturizing mask. Generally, the directions state to leave in for 5-10 minutes, but I leave it in for about an hour or more. I rinse the treatment/masque with cold water. The cold water helps seal the cuticles of the hair shaft and aid in locking in moisture. I usually deep condition my hair twice a week.

Finally, I finish my hair treatment ritual with a leave-in moisturizer. I switch between a few brands: Paul Mitchell original the conditioner, Frederick Fekkai's brilliant glossing cream or Redken's smooth down detangling cream. After combing my hair, I give it a break from heat styling, put it in a bun ( I really dislike the feeling of wet hair on the back of my neck) and go about my day.

I'd love to hear what you like to do on your Sundays.  Are there any clarifying shampoos/conditioning treatments you like? Do you have any hair rituals of your own? If so, please share! I hope you're having a great Sunday wherever you are : )

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