Saturday, July 28, 2018

The Gardens Wearing Couture...Givenchy Couture Edition Collection

Once I saw the packaging for Givenchy's 2018 Couture Edition Le Rouge Lipstick and Prisme Libre, I had to have them. In the States, this collection was released in Spring. However, in Japan, this collection was a Summer release. I wasn't sure the Couture Edition would come to Japan, so, I ordered both products via Barney's. And, I'm glad I did because the Couture Edition Prisme Libre retails for 9,180 yen (a huge markup from the $60 U.S. price).

The exterior packaging is so pretty, it's a shame to throw it away. 

Givenchy's Prisme Libre 1 Mousseline Pastel has been on my buy list for some time (years, actually). I almost picked up Mousseline Pastel in the beautiful 2018 limited edition Chinese New Year red, with the gold cherry blossom packaging (I did get the lipstick). I'm glad I procrastinated, because I feel the gorgeous 2018 Couture Edition black and deep multicolored floral design pairs better with the four  shades of the powder product.

1 Mousseline Pastel was my setting powder of choice last Spring; tt works well at evening out, and perfecting, the complexion, as well as giving a sheer radiant finish. Although I'm trying to avoid the sun as much as possible, my summer coloring is slowly creeping up. Therefore, I'll be putting Mousseline Pastel away until the Spring.

My wallet was relieved to see that Givenchy released a permanent Le Rouge shade in this collection. But, I wanted a new shade anyway, given that I already owned 315 Framboise Velours (in the limited edition burgundy leather casing) from a previous collection. Anyway, I'll just swap the newer formula with the burgundy case, and give that one to my sister. You're welcome Liza!

When applied, Mousseline Pastel blends colorlessly onto skin. However, in my attempt to make it show up in the swatch, I feel it looks stark and dry...oops!

315 Framboise Velours is a cool-toned, deep raspberry pink, with a creamy, full coverage finish. During Spring and Summer, I enjoy wearing Framboise Velours more as a stain, and full-on color during Autumn and Winter.

The Le Rouge Lipsticks are one of my favorite formulas. They're creamy, saturated in color, are non-drying, and wearing comfortably for a long time. I think I'm five or six lipsticks away until I own all the shades I want from the range.

Did you purchase any of these products?

Sunday, July 22, 2018

And The Raven Cried Give Me More...O.P.I Nail Lacquer

 Another polish from the O.P.I Lisbon Collection (and, an Ulta exclusive), "And The Raven Cried Give Me More" is an shade I was reserving for Autumn. However, I could no longer resist its dazzling purple radiance any longer.
Unlike the other polish names, and shades, from the Lisbon collection, And The Raven Cried Give Me More evokes more Edgar Allan Poe than Portugal. After some online searching, I found this fun fact of the image above.

Pictures do not do this polish justice. None of the images were able to capture the brilliance of And The Raven Cried Give Me More; you must see it in person.

And The Raven Cried Give Me More is a deep, rich, magenta-red based plum-purple with violet, purple, red and blue shimmer. The base and shimmer in this polish give it a gorgeous, and lustrous, vivacity. And The Raven Cried Give Me More has a sleek jelly formula. The first coat gave my nails an unblemished bold, translucent wash of color, and absolute pigmentation was achieved on the second. But, the third coat captured the ravishing depth seen in the bottle. I've been wearing And The Raven Cried Give Me More for five days, and the only wear I have is a tiny chip on my left index finger.

Monday, July 16, 2018

What is Mascara, Monsieur...Lancome Monsieur Big

I'm going to try and keep this post short and sweet. Last Spring, I wanted to try a new mascara, so I picked up Lancome's Monsieur Big Mascara. It coated its last lash two weeks ago, giving the Monsieur Big mascara a 13 week lifespan.

A pigmented, intense black mascara, the formula has a creamy, wet consistency. The wand is big, but I'm had bigger. Also, the bristles hold a lot of product; so, before the mascara dries up a bit, make sure to wipe off the excess to prevent a clumpy mess.

I loved how Monsieur Big separated, volumized and lengthened my lashed. However, what I didn't love was how it smudged, and flaked. I wiped the excess off the wand, set the under eyes with powder (like you do), used all the tips and tricks, and nothing would keep Lancome's Monsieur Big from smudging and flaking.

The falsies-like effect Monsieur Big gave my lashes was awesome. But, I was disappointed I had to babysit, and touch up, the mascara to make sure my lower eyelids were smudge and flake free.

I'm going to give Monsieur Big the old college try, and purchase the waterproof formula; crossing my figures, and hoping the results will be different. Regardless of the outcome, you'll hear all about it.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Tagus in That Selfie!...O.P.I Nail Lacquer

In the mood for a more "soft, girlie" manicure, today I reached for O.P.I's Tagus in That Selfie!

Tagus in That Selfie! is a yellow-based, medium pink cream from the Lisbon Collection. Even though the formula was on the thicker side, I had no problems with application. Albeit, I did have some minor patchiness with the first coat, but it was corrected on the second.

This is my second time wearing Tagus in That Selfie!, and I don't recall how long it wore the first time around...I want to say four to five days, but I really can't remember.

I'm not sure, but I like to think the Palace of Necessidades was the shade inspiration for Tagus in That Selfie!

Although not an original shade, I believe Tagus in That Selfie! is a shade of pink that would look flattering on most skin-tones. 

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