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Hey guys,

This week's multitasking cream product of choice is Stila's Convertible Colors. These creamy babies can be used on the lips or cheeks. I really like how the Convertible Color compacts correspond with the color of the product. A cute, and practical way to let you know which color you're reaching for. 

Here are swatches of my Convertible colors collection...Enjoy :)

 From left to right: Lillium, Magnolia, Camellia.

Lillium:  A warm pink.

Magnolia (discontinued): A muted brownish-mauve.

Camellia: A peachy-brown.

 From left to right: Peony, Gerbera, Petunia, Gladiola. 

Peony: A neutral pinky-brown with a slight hint of peach.

Gerbera: A soft milky peach.

Petunia: A vivid yellow-based pink.

Gladiola: A cantaloupe-orange. 

 From left to right: Fuschia (This is how it's spelled on the compact), Rose, Poppy, Orchid. 

Fuschia: A blue-based bright, yet toned down Fuchsia. 

Rose: A deep reddened-berry rose. 

Poppy: A neutral red.

Orchid (discontinued): A deep raspberry-red. 

The Stila Convertible Colors are pigmented, creamy (non-sticky) and long-wearing. If you're into cream blushers, I highly recommend you check them out. Convertible Colors retail for $25.00, and are available at,, and anywhere else Stila products are sold. 

What are your favorite cream blushers? 

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time. 


  1. I am never really driven to look at Stila (there are other brands out there that are far more exciting to me) but these look awesome! I can see the value of multi-use items in a kit. I don't really have a lot of them but in terms of cream blushes I really like the canmake cream cheeks :)

  2. I love Stila Convertible Colors! I have so many of their travel palettes just because the convertible colors in them are suppose to be unique...

    1. Same here :) It's a shame that Magnolia and Orchid were discontinued :(

  3. I only managed to acquire the gladiolia before sephora left hongkong... It doesn't appear orange on me at all, more like a pink coral. Love it a lot!!!!!! Wish I could get my hands on more!!!!

    1. Love these cream blushes! Gladiola looks like the color of the inside of a cantaloupe on me. We haven't had a Stila counter here in some time.

  4. I've always wanted to try one of these, I love cream blushers :) I like the look of the pinks and peaches in particular, especially Lillium, Peony and Gerbera. The packaging is super pretty as well.

    1. I think you would really like these, and the packaging is really pretty. You can see where Tarte got their idea for the Amazonian clay blush compacts :)

  5. This is one of those items that I have always wanted, but have never purchased. Gerbera looks gorgeous!

    Courtney from

    1. I definitely recommend you check them out next time your at Sephora :D

  6. Replies
    1. You definitely need to get your hands on some of these :D

  7. beautiful! I have peony and think poppy looks gorgeous for fall! might throw in rose too. stila is having back to school sale this week!!! xo

    1. Poppy is one of my favs! Thank you for the heads up on the promo. I was able to get a few things :)


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  9. Simply adore these cheek blushes - the best!!! Peony ❤️

  10. Simply adore these cheek blushes - the best!!! Peony ❤️