I found an old pigment box and took a photo of the Back to M.A.C logo

Back to M.A.C Program
M.A.C accepts returns of its primary packaging through the back to M.A.C program. By returning six M.A.C primary (plastic) packaging containers to a M.A.C counter, M.A.C Pro Store or M.A.C Cosmetics online, you'll receive a free M.A.C lipstick of your choice (side note, at M.A.C Pro Stores, you can chose from a lipstick, eyeshadow or lipgloss).

Last Saturday, I went to Shinjuku to have dinner with some friends. So, since I would be in the neighborhood, I decided to visit the M.A.C counter at the Isetan department store ( I LOVE their beauty floor), pick up a few bottles of brush cleanser and finally back to M.A.C items several containers.

As I arrived at the cosmetics counter with a bag of empties (meaning empty plastic containers)  and a smile in tow, the lovely mua at M.A.C politely informed me that I would not be able to back to M.A.C my items. This was new to me, since in the past, I have never had any difficulty back to M.A.C-ing items purchased from Japan in the states.

The next day, I contacted the M.A.C corporate offices to confirm this policy. The representative I spoke with did go on to validate that M.A.C items from the states can not be backed to M.A.C in Japan. Apparently, This has something to do with the recycling policy, process and restrictions within each country.

Well, I guess I'll just have to save all my empties and bring them with me on my next trip back to the states (whenever that may be).

But hey, my trip to Isetan wasn't a complete waste. I'm a little wiser now and this experience has allowed me to share that knowledge with you. Also, I was able to pick up a little jewel of an item that I will soon be raving about. : D

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time