Hi everyone!

I started the day at 4:00am, it's now 8:26pm and I'm spent!! I was hoping to come home earlier and take some pictures of my next post. Alas, this was not the case, as the sun has given way to the glorious night and the lighting in my apartment is not doing justice to the product that I will now be featuring in what has become tomorrow's post. 

Instead, I will move onto the next thing that I wanted to mention. I want to welcome and thank obsessed.makeup.addict and greenpease05 for joining me at So Lonely in Gorgeous. I know that there are only 9 of us but I do value EVERY one of you.  I just wanted put that out there : D

I'll leave you with a photo of a tasty treat that I picked up at my local grocery store, hope you enjoy (I know I did).

See you tomorrow

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time 

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