I was very excited to learn that mac was releasing 8 new, limited edition (but of course) paint pots in the Posh Paradise collection. This collection just launched in Japan but I lucky enough to get all 8 from the states : )

I love paint pots and how multitasking there are; you can use these lovelies as an eye shadow, eyeliner, highlighter or as a base to intensify the color of another eye shadow.

Paint pots Retail for $17.50  in the states and ¥ 3,045 in Japan (talk about a price increase!!).

Treasure Hunt, Nubile, Idyllic, and Genuine Treasure in natural (overcast) light 

With flash 

Treasure Hunt:  A pale frosty yellow gold.

Nubile: A light satin peach with a pink undertones.

Idyllic: A  frosty burnished maroon.

Genuine Treasure: A antiqued greyed bronze with gold and silver glitter.

Pure Creation, Half-Wild, Hyperviolet and Imaginary in natural (overcast) light.

With Flash

Pure Creation: A shimmery darkened medium blue.

Half-Wild: A medium purple with red undertones. Half-Wild also has a blue sheen with tiny red and blue glitter.

Hyperviolet: A matte darkened eggplant with burgundy brown undertones.

Imaginary: A blackened deep blue violet purple with a purple sheen.

I went ahead and compared Layin' Low with Nubile and Artifact with Idyllic. Even though they are similar, there is a slight difference.
Layin' Low, Nubile, Artifact and Idyllic in natural (overcast) light

With Flash 

In the photo above, you can see that Layin' Low is a peachy beige with a soft brown undertone, whereas,  Nubile is a pale pale peach with a pink undertone.

Artifact and Idyllic look almost identical, but Artifact is more of a reddish cranberry and Idyllic leans more maroon, both have a brown undertone.

The differences between these paint pots are slight and once on the lid, the comparison is mute. So I wont tell if you don't ; P

Did you get anything from this collection?

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. very nice colors, I dislike things in jars because I feel like they always dry out on me even though I barely opened them.....

  2. Really, (knock on wood) I've never had a paint pot dry out on me. I hope I didn't jinx myself :P. I store all my paint pots upside down.
    If a cream product ever dries out on you, just warm it up with a blow dryer. The heat will make it malleable, that's what I do :)