Thursday, October 20, 2011

Yves Saint Laurent Creme de Blush Swatches

I LOVE blush, any and all forms. Some individuals may not place that much importance on blush, but in my case, blush is EVERYTHING! I will and have spent a hefty sum of money to get that gorgeous flush of color.

I've decided to post color descriptions and swatches of my Yves Saint Laurent Creme de Blush collection.

Yves Saint Laurent Creme de Blushes have a cream to powder finish; they are neither greasy nor sticky. These blushes have a creamy mousse texture, which allows them to be applied smoothly and blend effortlessly onto the cheeks. A little goes a long way with the product, but if you're like me, a little is never enough :P

Yves Saint Laurent Creme de Blushes come in 6 different colors (numbers).

Natural light
Velvety Peach, Powdery Rose, Silky Praline, Audacious Orange, Fuchsia Temptation and Rouge Passion

With Flash

1 Velvety Peach: A perfect for Spring/Summer peach coral.

2 Powdery Rose: A universally flattering warm medium pink.

3 Silky Praline: The description of this shade states it's a spiced rose beige, and I agree. It's a gorgeous tawny spiced rose color, that give the cheeks a lovely warmth.

4 Audacious Orange: A bright orange apricot color that just SCREAMS summer. This color is limited edition (BOO to YSL!!!) .

5 Fuchsia Temptation: A cool tones vibrant bubble gum pink.

6 Rouge Passion: An orange tomato red. This color my appear bold in the swatch but it sheers out to a lovely "just pinched" flush.

These little blush gems retail for $38, and are available at, (they have all 6 colors), ( all 6 colors are also available),  ( all 6 colors are also available),,, and .

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time


  1. i managed to resist the velvety peach shade when i saw it at the counter but i have been hankering after it ever since! the powdery rose colour looks gorgeous too!

    1. Wow, you have more willpower than I do! Those two colors are lovely for spring...enable, enable,enable :P

  2. I purchased Velvety Peach on a whim, and lord I am glad I did! You're right it is a fantastic Summer colour, but living in Australia we are going into winter so I need all the extra colour I can get! Can't help but want Rouge Passion, though it might be a bit much for my fair skin :(.

    Thanks for the gorgeous swatches! :)

    1. Hey Anonymous!

      Thank you for the sweet comment on the swatches!

      I wish we were going into Winter! Summers in Japan are brutal...especially since most apartments here have central A/C :(

      I've been rocking Velvety Peach this season. Actually, with a light hand, Rouge Passion would look lovely on fair skin.

      Hope you'll visit me again, stay tuned for future swatches :D


  3. Great swatches! :) Those blushes are just incredible. I can see why you needed so many of them :)

    1. I need to swatch and post the last three that came out this Spring. They're simply gorgeous :)