Today's Monday Mani is Mac's Dry Martini (Wow, so many M's).

This nail lacquer came out with the Mac Nail Trend Fall/Winter 2009 collection. Dry Martini is a browned deep olive/army green. I truly enjoy and love these kind of maverick colors! Also, I find shades like this to be a nice twist in my arsenal of Fall/Winter nail polishes :) 

Please pardon the condition of my cuticles and nails, I was sick for a week, broke two nails and out of frustration, decided to cut them super short.

Dry Martini isn't the easiest lacquer to work with, taking four coats to achieve the same color as in the bottle. Although this polish is a bit troublesome when applying, I do love the finished color, reminds me of a spanish olive...ummm, getting hungry now.

With flash 

This shade is no longer available at Mac but a close dupe would be Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics's Swamp thing;although Swamp Thing leans a bit more green. I'm not able to do a shade comparison since my bottle of Swamp Thing broke (I need to reorder swamp thing).  Also, you may still be able to find Dry Martini at a CCO or try your luck on Ebay. Here is a trust worthy seller on ebay, makeupemporium1, Michelle is an AMAZING seller and I've been doing business with her for over a year; I love her but my wallet hates her ;P

If anyone is interested, makeupemporium1 has a Mac Dry Martini for sale:

Do you have any nail lacquers similar to Dry Martini?

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time

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