I can't believe a friend of mine got me this brush set.  

 As I was unwrapping my gifts, I was too busy socializing that I didn't notice the bright orange Hakuhodo wrapping paper. When I finally looked down and saw that orange ribbon, I couldn't stop screaming!!!

I love this brush case

This is an awesome four way mirror, the first angle gives you a precise view of your upper lash line (great for checking eyeliner and mascara application). The second, is a standard mirror. The third mirror offer an excellent view for tight lining. 

And finally, the bottom fourth angle, which is a magnified mirror. I wonder how many years of bad luck, I'd get with this one?

Hakuhodo brushes are AMAZING, if you don't own any of their brushes, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!! they are well worth the investment. Hakuhodo brushes are one of the best brushes in the industry. 

I took a photo of this brush to try and show the slight angle of this face brush

My friend told me that this particular brush set is exclusively sold at the Hakuhodo shop in Aoyama. Hakuhodo brushes are velvety soft.

This is what a pencil brush should look like, a finely pointed tip... I love pencil brushes :)

I must admit, the thought of curling up in bed with these lovelies did cross my mind, but I guess you'll never know ; P 

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time


  1. I'm in love with Hakuhodo brushes! But would love to try chikuhodo too. i heard they're great brushes but cheaper ;) again we don't have them in US :/ damn!

    1. I've heard of Chikuhodo, but I've never tried their brushes out...possible future post me thinks :P

  2. I love Hakuhodo Brushes. They are from heaven. I don't mind swiping it on my face all day long!

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