Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!

Opi's Opi & Apple Pie is such an Amazing shade! I discovered this nail lacquer at my nail salon back in 2003 and it's been a favorite for Fall shade ever since.

Another cloudy day, I'm starting to get annoyed with the weather!

Opi & Apple Pie is a dark caramel color (the exact color of caramel apples to be precise) with a creme finish. The Application is effortless, streak free, glossy and only takes two coats to achieve the color seen in the bottle. I believe this color would be flattering on all skin tones :) 

Opi & Apple Pie is actually browner and not as orange

This is a quintessential shade for fall; as well as being the perfect manicure color for Thanksgiving dinner. Although, Thanksgiving isn't celebrated in Japan, I'll be hosting a dinner on the 24th (going by the states time, so my Friday night, Nov.25th) anyway; and I guarantee that I'll be wearing my beloved Opi & Apple Pie.

In the photo, I totally lost all sunlight due to a passing cloud...curse you cloud!!

To my dismay, Opi & Apple Pie has been discontinued for some time now, but you can still find this shade on ebay. Actually, as I was writing this post, I went ahead and purchased another bottle so I can have a back up (yes, I love the color that much!!).

Opi's Opi & Apple Pie is a gorgeous shade that's good enough to eat...really it is :P

What nail polish will you be wearing on turkey day?

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time


  1. mmmmm.... Looks just like caramel.... I might be tempted to lick my nails if I wore that color.... haha

  2. Hahaha, wait...you mean you're not suppose to lick your nails??? :P

  3. Loved this color so much, I went online and bought 2. By the way, I wore 'little brown dress' from essie.