In keeping with the Holiday theme, this month's body wash is 'Twisted Peppermint' from Bath & Body Works.

I bought Twisted Peppermint last year when I went back to the states to celebrate the Holidays with the fam.

Twisted Peppermint is a jolly blend of peppermint candy canes, sugary sweet Christmas cookies, rich vanilla with a hint of chocolate; this shower gel smells just like the Keelber Grasshopper Fudge Mint Cookies (great, now I want these cookies but I have no way of getting them in Japan).

Twisted Peppermint is holiday L-O-V-E in a shower gel! If I can find this body wash when I go back to the states, I will definitely be purchasing more (and by more, I mean a suitcase full). I highly recommend trying this shower gel for the Holiday season, but remember to leave some for me :)  

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time

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