Hello all!
Well, it's too late to take any photo's of products/swatches, so let me share some photo's with you  of this awesome Chinese restaurant I found this evening. 

We started our meal with these sinful fried wonton's. The meat was excellent and the sauce was amazing! It's a bit rare to find Chinese restaurants in Tokyo that serve fried wonton's with meat inside of them. So, I'll probably go back to this place just for the wontons.

The cook recommended these dumplings. There's a broth inside, so your suppose to bite the top of  first, drink the soup and then eat the dumpling. This was a fun dish to eat but I still prefer traditional dumplings.

It was extremely cold tonight, so this was a well welcomed sight. The noodles were hand made and thick, not what I'm normally used to but I really liked them. The pork was delicious as well as the broth.

Well I'm going to turn in. See you tomorrow with another beauty post :)

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time


  1. The soup dumplings are called xiao lung bao. It is a shanghainese dish and it is very popular! I get cravings for these all the time but you have to have it at shanghainese restaurants. I find the others tend to butcher the dough or the soup. I remember when I was in shanghai, I saw one tht was the size of a cantolope! It had a huge straw in the middle that you could drink the inside! I didn't get a chance to try it though....

    1. Thank you Ari!!! For the life of me, I couldn't remember what the dish was called. AS big as a cantaloupe you saw...I may need to head out to Shanghai :) How often do you go to Shanghai?