So before I head out, here are some photos of the latest polish that I've been sporting lately, Chanel's Graphite. I thought this would be a nice twist to wear on Saint Patrick's Day, since Graphite has a green tinge to it.

With flash.

Graphite is a metallic/foiled darkened silver with a brilliant gold shine and flecks of silver, yellow and green.


 Natural light. 

Graphite was released (along with Quartz and Peridot) for Chanel's Fall 2011 collection. Although these lacquers are limited edition, all three are still available online at: and By the way, Nordstrom does offer international shipping ;)

What polish were you wearing on St.Patty's? 

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time. 


  1. I definitely see the green in natural lighting. btw I caught a spelling error! hehe. I completely missed St Patty's day. It came and went and I barely noticed till I looked around and saw green shirts everywhere.I stood out like a sore thumb. x.x

    1. Oop...found it...*lastest* I invented a word :P That's what I get for working on a post late at night and rushing to post it :p

      yeah, but what a lovely sore you must have been :DDDD

  2. That is such a gorgeous colour, I like that it's not a standard silver but darker and with different coloured shimmer. A stunner.

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