It's almost midnight, just left a friends engagement party, it's a long way till I get home and I thought I'd do the Spring tag I saw on Rebecca's blog: By the way, check out her blog, she's adorable :)

1. You're going to the beach: skirt, shorts, or romper?

Old jeans that I've turned into shorts :)

2. What would you prefer: ice cream, frozen yogurt, or shake?

Ice cream. By the way, I just found out that in Tokyo, on the 31st of every month, When you buy a two scoop sundae at Baskin Robbins, 31 flavors will offers a free third scoop. Guess who'll be marking the 31st day of every month her calender :D

3. You're on vacation and can only bring one thing, what would it be?

Sunglasses, I can't be without them.

4. It's a typical day at the park, and you're starving, what do you bring in your basket?

Sandwiches, some kind of drink and granola bars for my sugar fix.

5. Inside or outside?

If it's not too hot...outside.

6. What's your favorite soft drink for spring time?

7up, lemonade, or ginger ale (all year round).

7. What's the first thing that comes to you when you think of spring time?

Cherry blossoms.

8. What's your favorite thing to do in the spring time?

Go to cherry blossom festivals :)

9. Name a nail polish that shouts spring?

So difficult!! probably Chanel's Nouvelle Vague and Essie's Carousel Coral (post's coming soon).

10. Are you a spring baby?

No, Fall.

11. It's about 80 degrees out and you're bored out of your mind, where would you go?

Well, since I loath the heat, I'll be heading to some kind of air conditioned sanctuary like Isetan or Mitsukoshi.

12. What's your favorite season?

Spring, Fall, and Winter.

If anyone of you would like to do this tag, please feel free to do so and send me the post :) I'd love to read your responses.

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. Loved reading your answers too :) xxxx

  2. reading this makes me feel very "springy" on the inside... if that makes sense! haha