Hey all!

It's Spring, the weather is warming up a bit (only a tiny bit), the cherry blossoms and plum flower trees are in bloom, love this time of the year.

April's shower gel is Japanese Cherry Blossom (fitting huh? :P). Bath & Body Works describes this scent as "a seductive and mysterious floral scent, inspired by the exotic gardens of Japan". Japanese Cherry Blossom's key fragrance notes are: Asian pear, Kyoto rose, mimosa petals, and Himalayan cedarwood ( I have no idea what that smells like?!? Do you?). BBW truly captures the mysticism of the Far East with this shower gel. I can definitely smell the Asian pear (my favorite fruits next to bananas and mandarin oranges), the soft woodsy notes, and the sakura blossom, which is the most prominent note.

This is one of my favorite Bath & Body Works shower gels. Japanese Cherry Blossom really doesn't have a specific seasonal scent like some other fragrances, but there's something about Spring/April/ blooming flowers that emphasizes its alluring bouquet.

Japanese Cherry Blossom is a great year round fragrance and useless BBW drastically changes the formula, I will always repurchase this shower gel.

What's your favorite body wash at the moment?

Bonus pics, taken two Springs ago :D

Hope your enjoying this Spring Season :)

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. beautiful pictures! *forces my gaping mouth shut*