Here are some photos from yesterday :) That's my dear friend Emi in the left corner. Apparently Emi had never really been around Akasaka (my hood), so I decided to show her around some of my favorite spots...and then go shopping of course :)

 My favorite temple. 

 Take the escalator to enlightenment. Now if they only had one going down :P

 After walking around for a while, it was time to head out to our lunch reservation. 

 The view from the restaurant.

More view.

Emi treated me to an amazing lunch buffet at the Top of the Tower. This was plate #1. sadly, I was so involved with my food that I forgot to take pictures of plates #2 and #3. Emi and I really stuffed ourselves this day. We really ate all we could.

 Plate #4 The Desert. The creme brulee, tiramisu and those cakes closest to the tiramisu were AMAZING. We were probably waddling when we left :P Thank you Emi!!!!! but my waistline hates you!!!! 

 Then I showed Emi around my favorite Japanese garden.

And the Koi, I just love coming hear and watching the koi. I don't know what their feeding them, but they are HUGE! 

I just watched to share my day with you :D Hope your day/night is great!

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.