I really love my job! It allows me to meet and make friends with some amazing people. Here's an email from one of those people :)

 Hi Liz,
C**** and I are both doing well.  We are knee-deep in our wedding planning for this coming November... in Maui!  =)  We just got back from a short trip there and are really excited to finally see the site where we'll be getting married!  =)  I do have to honestly tell you...  I did a trial make-up run when I was there, and I was sooooo not happy with the make-up artist recommended by our coordinator.  After the session, I mentioned to C**** how I totally missed your work and wished that you were able to do my W-day makeup!  I really liked how natural the look was and the colors you used when I saw the final pictures.  This woman, she did totally different techniques.  First of all, she used airbrush, which I had never had done before.  But the most surprising thing was...  after I washed my face, she didn't put any sort of primer or anything on my face and just directly started applying the colors!  I asked her about it and she said the airbrushing at the end will even out the skin and set all the makeup.  I don't know if that's the typical process with airbrushing is to have that final coat at the end?  I'm just soooo used to primer/foundation first!  So that was weird.  And she used the coffee tones on my eyes which made me looked too bronze-y and I never really like that palette with Asian skin tones even though it seems to get used a lot?  And she used false eyelashes on me as well...  she says it opens the eyes but I just found the overall look a bit too heavy/dark around the eyes.

By any chance, do you happen to know any makeup artists in Maui??  Gosh, like I said, I totally missed your work!!  =)

Anyways, thanks sooo much for all your beauty tips/products info.  How do I subscribe to your beauty blog?  Is it linked via your Facebook?  I just send you a Friends request on that, by the way!

It was great hearing from you...
Oh!  I found this crazy website with all these kitkat favors: napaJapan.com
Check it out!
Take care,

E** and I share a love for KitKats, and I turned her onto all the seasonal flavors we have in Japan :)

A few days after this email, I got another one from her fiance ( I also did his makeup), here's his email:

Boy my missus sure wishes you were doing her makeup for the wedding. She was not happy with the one she got in the trial run. You should have seen the pout  Hope all is well over there in Japan. Should you find yourselves in the vicinity in November, we would love to have you there at the wedding. It's funny, E** is usually very slow to warm to people (including me) but she took to you so very easily. This poor makeup girl over here didnt stand a chance when i think about it.  Anyway. I hope some day we can get back over to Japan, perhaps for our honeymoon. If we do, would love to see you. C****

These email have inspired me so much, enough so, that I may find myself in Maui this November :P

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Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. That's so sweet! You're so lucky you have a job you love where you can meet awesome people :) I'm still trying to find my way in the world-still not sure what's right for me ^^;;

    1. Thanks Renee! Just do what you love and the money will follow :D

  2. If you go to Maui, I wanna see photos.
    And I wondered what your name was, that was a surprise.

    1. Really? I thought I gave you my name??? Oops. sorry about that Demi :) What did you image my name to be? :D

    2. Maybe Laura or Christie or a greek name like Georgia or Helen because you look a little Greek.

  3. Thats awesome darling! I am so happy for you! Well, no surprise that people love you, your work is amazing.