A booklet that was given to us when we bought our tickets.
Hey guys,

I just returned from having seen Snow White and the Huntsman...now, one of the many things you don't know about me is that I'm a huge lover of fairy tales and fables. So, when I heard of the live action film adaptation of Snow White, I was intrigued (and somewhat fearful) to see how they would breath new life into this fairy tale classic...and surprisingly, I liked it!

I enjoyed the acting, special effects, the wardrobes, and of course the makeup!

For those of you who may not know (I don't want to assume here :D)...going to the  movies is quite an experience in Japan.

Buying your ticket: In Japan, they have reserved seating. After you've paid for your ticket, the cashier will show you a seating chart for your movie, let you know what seats are available for your selection.

Heading on over to the concession stand for our eats and drinks. You'll find an array of tasty treats like: popcorn (by the way, they don't offer extra butter...shame, I do so enjoy clogging my arteries), caramel corn, churros, a limited selection of  boxed candies, and various other snacks. One thing I do miss are pretzels and nachos...god do I miss the nachos!! The beverage selection is basically the same, except they also sell beer. I wasn't surprised to find alcohol being sold at the movies, since I'd see it before in Europe.

Programs! Get your programs here! Next to the concession stand, you'll find a small shop where you can purchase programs, posters, as well as other merchandise (i.e. stickers, postcards, key chains, etc)  on the current films playing in the theater.

SHH! Once inside your selected theater, you'll find the same stadium setting, but maybe a little nicer. When the lights dim, and the movie starts, the one thing I always notice is that the audience goes silent...I mean REALLY silent. No laughing, no cry, no frightful screams, no emotional response, no nothing. After the film is over, everyone remains in their seats until the credits are finished and the house lights come back on.

I thought this was a cute and clever marketing touch to stick these mirror frames throughout the mirrors in the women's restroom.

This is the only Snow White-esque image I have.

I hope you enjoyed this post :)

What's the movie experience like where you are? What's the last film you saw at the theater? What are your favorite snacks? 

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. Vi esa película ayer y me gustó. De hecho, escribí sobre ella en mi blog.
    Feliz Año nuevo!


    1. Encanto los efectos visuales de la película. Feliz ano nuevo!