Can you believe that we're already into the seventh months of 2012...I can't! Well as another month begins, so does another shower gel.

July's shower gel is Country Apple. BBW describes the scent as a "fresh combination of ripe, red apples and creamy blossoms, that's as delightful as an orchard in springtime". Country Apple leaves my skin with a scrumptiously juicy, yet refreshing apple fragrance. The fragrance is soft, simple and clean. If you're a lover of apple scents, then the Country Apple line is definitely for you! 

Country Apple Shower Gel is currently on sale for $3.00 (along with the rest of the line) at

What body wash are you bathing with this month?

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. I need to go snag this up in a shower gel. I have the lotion and mist in this scent and I love it. It's a old classic that they brought back and it just reminds me of middle school when it was so popular. Ages ago... haha


  2. I love fresh shower gels in summer, The Body Shop makes my favourite ones: sweet lemon, satsuma, papaya and pink grapefruit are the ones I use now. I never used something with apple, hm, I think apple would suit my it-has-to-be-fresh addiction in summer though :)

    1. I love the shower gels from the body shop well!! Love sweer lemon and satsuma!! I need to try papaya. Definitely checkout country apple :)

  3. i love bath and body works! my old fav was cherry blossom and currently im in love with twilight woods, ahhhhhh smells sooo good!!