In the beauty industry, Chacott is best known for their loose finishing powders, but for those of you who may not be familiar with the brand, Chacott was established in 1950, as a manufacturer and retailer of Classic ballet products. Since then, this Japanese dance fashion company has branched out into other styles of dance and artistic performance such as, Rhythmic gymnastics, Jazz dancing, Ballroom dancing, Theater, and Stage Cosmetics...just to name a few.

I saw this brush at Plaza three weeks ago, and because I'm always in the market for a new brush, I picked it up. The bristles of this kabuki brush are synthetic, long, dense, and very soft. This kabuki does a good job of applying and blending out powders, bronzer and blush. I prefer using it to diffuse any harsh lines. The Chacott Kabuki retails for 2,100 yen ($26.87).

Have you tried any products from Chacott?


  1. I have their concealer and loose powder (coz it is famous!)

    When are you (we) not in the market for new brushes? :P