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Today I got a package from the lovely and ever so generous Ari. I've known Ari for a few years now, and I'm totally in love with her :D

 My favorite item in the package was Ari's note :)

 Can't wait to try these out!

 As well as these!!

 and these!!!

On Friday, I went to Mitsukoshi to pick up Laduree's Autumn collection and a few other items. A big bag full of awesomeness!! I love that they wrap your bag in it's own rain coat to protect your new lovelies on rainy days.

And now my cutest purchase...

I was walking around Ginza, when I saw these little guys scattered around the floor outside the men's shoe store, Scotch Grain. I thought this was such a clever/creative/cute way to turn a profit and make use of the leftover leather materials.

 Company logo on the back. The smaller one was 105 yen and the larger 305. I had to get them!!

 I love how the smaller one's tail sticks up, demonstrating how spry he is, and the larger bull's tail just hangs downs...too cute! I love these little guys, and I can't help but laugh when I look at them :D

I guess since my apartment doesn't allow pets, these will be an addition to my surrogate pets...I'll have to tell you about Ernie in another post :P

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. Reviews on the make up products? (:
    Miss K

    1. Coming up, I just posted some of the items that were in the bag :)

  2. The revlon products look nice and the bulls are too cute! :)

    1. I can't wait to them them! I love my little bulls :DDD

  3. I hope you like the items! I figure it might have been safer to go with blushes... lol I love the little leather cows! They are so adorable! Can't keep my eyes off them ><

    1. Thank you Ari!!!! you know my makeup tastes so well :) I've been collection a few items for your next package...hehehe :P

      I love my little bulls!!! They make me laugh :D

  4. I'm always so bemused at how much importance is placed on packaging - I Love the little bag raincoats! I was fascinated by them while I was in Tokyo (and often my bags made it home in better shape than I did - not so adept at holding an umbrella...)

    The little bulls are so cute! What good buys :)