On August 10th, Suqqu released their Fall collection and, you can bet your sweet bippy, I was one of the first customers at the counter that day :D

I purchased all the limited edition pieces in the Fall collection (by the way, the other two eyeshadow quads are GORGEOUS!! and I will be purchasing them later). I love all the products, but I've been plagued with a bit of buyer's remorse (which is odd for me because I never have any hesitation when it come to buying makeup) regarding the Blend Color Eyeshadow Quad in EX07 Tsukiakari.

 Natural light.

Don't get me wrong, I love the quad; the texture, quality, and performance of Suqqu's eyeshadows are one of the best, but, I'm not sure if all the shades in the quad offer enough dimension to warrant the price of¥7,140 ($89.93).

To be honest, the sole purpose for my purchasing the quad was that gorgeous dusty, plum-taupe mauve with green and pink flecks, and the navy liner. The more I look at Tsukiakari, the more I hear the haunting voice beckoning me, chanting so sweetly: Swatch me! Swatch me! May the beauty gods have mercy on my weaked soul :P

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. PLEASE SWATCH IT! :-) Doesn't the two top shades look a bit like 11 Himesango?

    1. I will :DD The top two shades are slightly similar, but the plum mauve in this quad has these pretty green and pink flecks.

  2. Hi Liz!
    I like these earthy tones on eyeshadows.

  3. Heeelloooo SUQQU EX07, you elegant little thing:))
    My suggestion... have a blog sale to bring in the cash but keep this!! Perhaps the dusty plum taupe will be THE shadow you have beeen searching for your entire life. Imagine you return it and then it's sold out & you never get hold of one again or have to buy it off ebay for $$$$$$$$$$$$$. Better you keep it and if you end up not reaching for it then it can also go on the Blogsale / to ebay?
    Oh yes.....let me know when you do a Blogsale!!!!
    All my Tarte Amazonian blushes are due to your swatches by the way:)
    I'm so glad I decided to order them. Great stuff:)
    Hope you're feeling better?

    1. hahaha, I love you Buggsiebee <3

      you always understand where I'm coming from. I adore plum taupe shades and this one is divine!

      I never think twice when purchasing a product, because I don't want to have the regret of not having purchased something when I had the chance.

      If I ever have a blog sale, you'll be the first to know :)

      That was such a sweet comment about the Tarte Blushes, aren't they amazing?!

      This cold is just lingering...going on a week of being sick :(

  4. How interesting that this one palette would create such indecision. Did you swatch it in the store before you purchased? If not, could you swatch/play with it in a store to see if you really like it?

    If I'm on the fence, swatching helps. If I'm still not sure, I agree to sales staff offers to apply it on me. If I'm still wavering, I go home and look at it a bit more. Probably annoys the sales staff but it doesn't hurt the store and I don't have as much buyer's remorse.

    1. Yeah, I played with it at the counter and I loved two of the four shadows. But since it's a limited edition piece I decided to purchase it.

      Limited Edition items fly of the cosmetic counters over here, and I didn't want to have any regrets of not buying it when I had the chance :)

  5. Wow, that taupey plum shade looks very gorgeous and complex! But I do feel like we've seen these shades from Suqqu before, so I agree with your sentiments. I would love to hear your thoughts on the blush duo and the pink loose powder, I wonder if they're must haves? I haven't seen any reviews for these yet!

    Love reading your blog :)

    1. Steph, the blushes are amazing!!!! get them both!!! The pink loose powder is a total skip, I wasn't impressed in the least.

      I'll post a review soon :)

  6. I saw trust your gut!!! If your gut is feeling a little remorse then maybe the money is best spent elsewhere!!!

    1. My gut says keep it, it's my conscience that's killing me :P

  7. They are nice shades but not sure i could warrant paying that amount for them!!
    Found you via the Blog Love Therapy blog hop - and followed xx

    1. Hey Toxycat!!

      Welcome to So Lonely in Gorgeous :)

      Yeah, Suqqu quads are very expensive!

  8. So pretty! The taupe/mauve definitely seems like it's the standout shade in this palette. I love that you were able to capture the pink/green flecks that are in it as well.

    Jillian/ Jillicious Cosmetics

    1. Woman, you don't know how many photos were taken to capture those flecks in just the right way :) Love this palette!

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