Two days ago, as I was on my way home from a grueling day of work, I got a text from my beloved (Aki), letting me know he was at the hospital getting stitches. This is when yours truly responded with a "WHAT!" Apparently, Aki injured (torn an artery, and chipped the bone) the middle finger of his left hand while playing baseball. Now, I have no idea what extreme version of the sport he was playing, but who knew baseball could be so dangerous?! I quickly changed my course, and headed over to the hospital. Three hours, and nine stitches later, here's the end result:

So, because this is primarily a beauty blog, and me not wanting to waste a makeup look, here's my look from that day :D

 I'm really impressed with how well the eye makeup held up. I've been in this makeup for over 11 hours. I retouched the blush once, and the lipstick twice. Well done Mr.Ford!

Products used:
Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Santa Fe (Medium 2).
Shu Uemura Hard Formula brow Pencil in Seal Brown.
Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder.
Tom Ford Cheek Color 04 Savage.
Mac Studio Sculpt Concealer NC20
Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes in 03 Illicit (all over the lid).
Mac Eye Kohl in Prunella (applied lightly in the outer crease and blended. Used to tightline, and on the waterline.
Kate Super Sharp Liner in RD-1 (line the lashline).
Mac Zoom Lash in New Hue (upper and lower lashes)
Tom Ford Lip Color in 16 Scarlet Rouge.

For those of you wondering, this is what the last hair color faded into. This was expected, since it's a bit challenging to go from light to dark. 

And for your swatch viewing pleasure :D

From left to right: Cream Color for Eyes 03 Illicit, Cheek Color 04 Savage, Lip Color 16 Scarlet Rouge.

 Cream Color for Eyes 03 Illicit:  a shimmery russet-bronzed maroon.

 Cheek Color 04 Savage: a muted redden bronze-brown with a gorgeous sheen.

 Lip Color 16 Scarlet Rouge: a warm "true" red. 

I own several pieces from Tom Ford beauty, and I LOVE it!!! I love the Cream Color for Eyes, the Cheek Colors, and the Lip Colors!! The Tom Ford beauty line is a very (and I mean "VERY") extravagant and luxurious brand. To my dismay, these little golden beauty nuggets are not available in Japan. But, thanks to the gods of online shopping, I'm able to satisfy my decadent beauty fix >;) 

Hope you enjoyed this post! 

What are some of your favorite red lipsticks?

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. Poor Aki! D: But I bet your gorgeous face makes for a pretty effective anaesthetic :*

    1. Yeah, his finger is hanging in there. I like to think my face has some kind of mystical healing capabilities :P

      The power of makeup in strong in this one!

  2. I hope to own one or two items from every luxury label, and Tom Ford is at the top of the list. I hope your Aki is holding up well, I know if it was The Hubby, he'd be wanting me to baby him all day. (n_n)

    1. You'll want to own more than one or two items once you've tried the Tom Ford beauty line, guaranteed!

      Thank you for the get well wishes. Aki's been holding up pretty well.

  3. Poor Aki! Hope his finger heals quickly! You look fabulous though :)

    1. Thank you Mimi. If you don't feel well, at least try to look the part :P

  4. Aiya.... Boys will be boys.... Well now he can say he has a battlescar using a baseball bat.... hehe

    Despite such a hectic day, your makeup is still looking pristine... *envy's*

    1. yeah, tally it up with all the other scars he got when he was a kickboxer :P

  5. OMG poor Aki. Anyone who has felt the pain of closing one's finger in the door can imagine how DAMN painful this must've been. This is one way to discover just how many nerve endings there are in the fingers!
    As to you Miss Gorgeous....perfect as ever:))
    I certainly hope that you gave yourself a very nice treat for being such a loving girlfriend after such a long & hard work day!???

    1. You just remembered me of the time when I slammed the car door shut on my right hand. My parents had gone inside and door wouldn't open. I was shouting for someone to come and open the door...I was out there for 1 hour. I believe I was in the 5th grade.

    2. Ah, well, how nice of me to remind you of that. Got to love Buggsiebee!!!
      I bet your parents felt like Sh*#@t once they finally noticed you were missing!! Was there any lasting damage - I mean physical, not mental:P

    3. Hahaha, they kept me out there for a long time!! I need to phone my parents up and remind them of that day :P No Physical damage thank god!

      I'm Buggsiebee's #1 fan <33333

  6. I love that we both posted on Scarlet Rouge this looks absolutely lovely on you!! Must check out Tom Ford Savage blush are right, the sheen is just gorgeous.

    Take care!

    --The Beauty Professor

    1. I know!! Loved your post :)

      You have to check out Savage, you'll love it!!!

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