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Happy Halloween darlings!

I've said (written :P) this many times on this blog, but Halloween is one of my favorite Holidays (tied with Thanksgiving)! 

Halloween isn't celebrated in Japan, but that hasn't stopped me from introducing the holiday to my friends and hosting my own spooky festivities. 

To my dismay, due to an extremely busy schedule, we're not hosting a Halloween party this year :'(  Instead, Aki and I will be dining on pizza, and feasting on a marathon of horror film...JOY! I can't believe he's never seen Halloween!! 

This will be the first year since moving to Japan, that I've not thrown a party...BOO me!!!

So, since I'm not celebrating this year, I'm going to post photos from my first Halloween party in Tokyo :D

Pardon the mess in the back ground, we're at a friends house getting ready. I had been living in Japan for two months, and hadn't shipped my body paints over yet. So I had to make due with the crappy makeup I found at a cosplay store in Shinjuku.

I threw the party at this bar called Uncle Sams. I'm friends with the owner, so I was able to talk him into letting me have the bar for the night. No one had ever celebrate Halloween before!

 Some of my good friends, especially mario :D

Since it was my first year in living (although I've been visiting the country for years) in Japan, I thought it would be fun to do Alice in Wonderland. Also, I wanted to do it before the Tim Burton film came out. Tim Burton...I love you, but you dropped the ball with that one!

 I wonder how he was able to eat that piece of bread :P 

One of my closest female friends, I love her! 

 I pity the fool that bleeds on my rabbit!

strike a pose.

The owner. Actually he wears this costume even if it's not Halloween...really he does :O

Everyone came in costume <3333

If you can tell me were this is from, you'll score major points, and maybe some Canmake blushes.

After five hours, our makeup called it quits! 

Groups photo at the stations, as everyone bids adieu to a brilliant evening. Where's Lizzy? Can you find me in the photo?

We crashed at our friends house that night. No matter how hard aki scrubbed, or what we used, Aki's lids were stained...Oops. Luckily, he was off that day. And keeping with the Holiday spirit, I played one last trick on the man :P  

Happy Halloween my ghoulish dolls! I hope you all enjoyed this post. 

I'd love to know what you did for Halloween :D

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. This looks like so much fun! Halloween kind of snuck past me this year.. lol... with Hurricane Sandy ruining half of NYC my plans to go see the parade are cancelled till further notice. =(

    1. Yeah, a Hurricane can definitely put a damper on things. But I'm happy your okay sugar. Enjoy your week off, and see if you can go looting at some of the major department store :P

  2. I want to go back in time and join you! <3 You obviously throw a killer party :D

    Sadly my plans fell through this year, but partner and I are dressing up for Cabinet of Caligari and door-opening shenanigans anyway >:)

    1. You would have died Kate... literally >:)

      I hope you took photos of the two of you!!!

  3. Hey gorgeous Lizzy!
    I hope that you are drowning your Halloween sorrows in hours of horror films!?
    It's not big in Germany either but I always had buckets full of candy incase kids came calling & now I need truck loads because over the years the info has been passed on & ALL the kids in town know where they're going to get lucky:))

    1. you called me Lizzy!! :DD

      I completely immersed myself in some of the Hammer horror classics. I love you Peter Cushing!!

      It's great that people are starting to embrace the Holiday. Do the kids dress in costume and say 'treat or threat'?

    2. In Germany the kids dress up but they say 'Süßes oder Saures'because zay are speaking ze German:)) It basically translates to sweet or sour = trick or treat. The older kids get up to wicked stuff like plastering cars/ houses with masses of toilet paper or stuffing post boxes with it or with shaving cream etc.

  4. P.S. Aki should sport the pink-eye look more often. Very fetching:)

  5. 20th Century Boys! Excellent costume choice, dude :)

    Halloween isn't huge here in Australia, but I always like an excuse to get dressed up - you're a gorgeous Alice, by the by!

    1. Bing bong! You've won yourself some CANMAKE blushes!! Message me personal with your info :)

      Have you read or seen any of the films?

      Did you dress up this year?

  6. Looks like an amazing party! You and Aki look adorable together :)

  7. That looked like such a blast, everyone got really into it huh? I'm from the US so we do a lot of Halloween stuff here, this year I said "challenge accepted" and did Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games.

    1. They totally did! EVERYONE came in costume :D

      I hope you took pictures!! I want to see!!

    2. I did but I feel like now it's too late to put them up >_>

    3. it's never too late!!! Post it woman!!!

    4. Haha now it's December, is it too late now?? >_>

    5. Go for it woman!!! It's never too late :D