I love the contrast of dark hair with all the rich colors of Autumn and Winter, so I've taken the plunge, and decided to go dark! The color I chose was Palty's foam hair dye in Cinnamon Churros.

 What you get :D

I have a LOT of hair, so I need three boxes to get the job done. I was so impatient, that I forgot to take pictures of the process...next time promise!

Cinnamon Churros is a medium ash brown with golden accents. I dyed my hair on Sunday, and the photo above is after one wash. So let's see how light it gets after a couple of shampoos. I really love the color! It's been compliments galore with Aki (added bonus), and now he wants to dye his hair the same color...wonder twin powers activate! <-- If you don't know this reference, please look it up :P

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post, and I'd like to know what hair color are you rocking at the moment :)

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. I think this color looks really nice on you. This color is pretty close to my natural hair color, but mine is a tad darker. Right now I'm rocking Deep Burgundy :)

    1. I love deep burgundy hair!!! I usually go deep burgundy in winter. What dye did you use?

    2. I'm pretty sure it was Loreal. I usually use Garnier, because it leaves your hair really soft and it smells so good. Usually hair dye stinks.

    3. Is it wrong for me to say that I like the smell of hair dye???

  2. I'm rocking White Blonde, by Ridiculous Amount of Bleach, hehe.

    I wrote a tutorial on extreme bleaching just last month. The best thing about white is that it's just one step away from being pink, purple, blue, or a mix ^_^

    1. Having white hair is great when you want to transition to blue or green.

      But you don't need to go that light if you want to go pink, purple, etc :)

      Don't forget to invest in a good deep conditioning treatment!!

  3. You could wear green hair & still look gorge:)
    Your previous color was a real eyecatcher! Only a handfull of people could carry that shade off! This color is way more normal....perhaps the fact that you like it means that you're getting older & wiser:))
    I think it's a divine shade of chestnut brown. I'm looking forward to seeing a burgundy eye look with this hair color!!
    Me = brown with a few grey hairs here & there. My hair doesn't like being messed with. It reacts badly to coloring & perms etc so I'm trying to stick out as long as poss without starting with toning & dying.
    What color is Aki's hair?

    1. Hahaha, actually, I had green hair once :)

      I've had every color imaginable, and more :P

      I do miss the old color, but I'm loving this color for Fall. Getting older...yes. Wiser...NEVER!! :P

      What dyes have you tired?

      Aki's hair is a reddish brown. He's already hovering over my extra boxes :( I need to hide them like a squirrel hides her nuts.

    2. Looking at your healthy, full locks it doesn't appear that all the coloring you've done upsets your hair at all!?!
      Since I had my last perm almost 30 years ago I can safely assume that the products have improved considerably since then. However,as I have absolutely NO desire to look like a gollywog again I won't ever be putting the new & improved perms to the test:)
      As to toning/dying, I have no idea what was used so when the time comes where I can't ignore the grey hairs for another second, I will have to do some serious research & I'll be knocking at your door for sure:)
      Aki's hair color sounds great - no dying neccessary!!!

    3. I deep condition the hell out of my hair!!

      Hahaha, Golliwog, too funny! I'd love to see a photo :DDD

      definitely give me a ring when the time comes. I think I've tired almost every dye in the market!!

  4. You look great:) Cute post title;)

    The box is adorable- I'm a sucker for cute packaging
    New follower- love your blog

    1. Hi Yessie!!

      I love the model on the box! Glad you enjoyed the title :D

      Welcome abroad!! and I look forward to keeping in touch :DD

  5. Great review :) im gonna use this soon so im overly excited and searched the net hehe
    ~ www.amz88.blogspot.com

  6. Hi! what color was your hair before you dyed it this color?

    1. Hey Anonymous, before dyeing it, my hair was red. Here is the link: http://www.solonelyingorgeous.com/2012/10/chanels-summertime-de-chanel-has.html

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