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I've had Antique for over 9 years (I've lost the lid somewhere in this god forsaken mess that is my apartment); a lovely surprise gift from my friend, Stephanie. At the time, I had know idea Cutex had a nail polish line- a pleasant introduction to the line, I must say :)

Antique is a BEAUTIFUL, antiqued yellow-gold, with a hint of bronze; a lovely festive alternative to a holiday red manicure.

I don't believe the polishes are still available in stores, but I did find someone selling this polish on ebay. I don't know this seller, but I thought I'd include the link, just in case one of you dolls wanted to get your hands on a bottle :)



What are some of your favorite Holiday golds?

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. Replies
    1. Hey Emi!

      I love this polish and it looks even more stunning in person!

  2. omgosh this color is so up my alley!!

    1. This color is amazing Ari, check the link I included in the post and get you some :P

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