Here are the photos of my New Year's weekend retreat to Kawaguchiko, near Mt. Fuji. For the last eight years (excluding 2011 and 2012 where Aki and I went to the states), it's become a tradition, for my friends and I, to rent a place around Yamanashi Prefecture and celebrate upcoming New Year. This year, we rented this cozy little town home.

 Our cute little porch.

 Breathtaking view.

 Love the clouds rolling off Mt.Fuji.

After we checked out we headed to the lake. 

 After 10 minutes of blistering cold winds, we packed it in and headed out to the Ice Caves. 

We're going in!

Aswe explored, I couldn't help but think of the film 'The Descent' :P

During the Edo period, people used to serve this ice as an offering to the bakufu (a government run by the shogun).

Mizue (in the blue jacket) is taking a picture of Take-chan. The further we went down the tighter the space was.

With no signs of any blood thirsty subterranean monsters, we existed the cave, and went to...GOTEMBA PREMIUM OUTLETS!!!

Okay, this is when I felt sheepish: I've been to the GOTEMBA PREMIUM OUTLETS three times now, and I just discovered The Cosmetics Company store...sheepish, indeed! All disgrace aside, I walked away with two Estee Lauder blushers, and a Bobbi Brown Lipstick :) 

 I guess we do have CCOs in Japan :P

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. It looks like a good time! What pretty caves, and splendid view of Mt Fuji ^_^

    1. It was a great vacation, and I'm looking forward to the next one :)

  2. Looks beautiful! I am jealous! That is a breathtaking view!

    1. The view was AMAZING! Wish we could have stayed for an entire week.

  3. Must your ruin your beautiful pictures with a mention of The Descent?! ACK! After Blair Witch movie, there has been no instances of camping. And now with The Descent, there will never be any spelunking in my life!

    (Your vacation looks marvellous!)

    1. Hahaha, I'm sorry Bellyhead!

      I've never been camping, and nor do I have a desire to (i.e. bears, and the fact that I'm deathly afraid of spiders!!!). I guess this films can be viewed as a survival guide of some sorts :P

  4. I love Japanese houses. Just looking at them makes me feel good (and happy). Can't help myself! Beautiful pics, thanks! Sandra

    P.S. Do you speak Japanese with your Japanese friends and husband? :)

    1. Japanese house are lovely, but they are poorly isolated!!!

      It depends on the friends, but with Aki, we mainly speak to each other in English (although we do speak in Japanese as well). Having lived in the states for six years, He speaks English perfectly.

  5. Oh...seeing this makes me miss Japan. I really miss all the drug stores and makeup! The house and view are beautiful. I really regret not visiting Mount Fuji! And thanks for answering my questions about your customs mishap. As you can see I'm back and addicted to your blog!

    1. Hey Kim!

      Glad to see you're back :)

      The beauty products and skincare are insane over here. Maybe next time you're in my neck of the woods, I can show you around some of my favorite beauty spots :)

  6. oh wow, must have been a heck of a vacation! looks so beautiful and peaceful!

    1. Yuli!!! It's been forever!!!

      This was an amazing getaway. We just relaxed and explored.

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