Another phenomenal nail polish from Addiction! Blue Train is an alluring, deep, blue ink, jelly polish that is, almost, opaque in one coat!


Blue train is such an extremely glossy polish that it was difficult to photograph, since the reflective shine cause the photos to come out blurred. You can skip applying a top coat with this beauty.

In sunlight. 

Addiction Nail Lacquers retail for ¥1,890($20.93), and is exclusively sold in Japan.

What are some of your favorite jelly polishes?

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. beautiful! i have a nude shade from Addiction too... need to dig it out and try it on again!

  2. Such a DIVINE blue!! And a ONE coater!!! I would love to add some Addiction polishes to my collection, but shipping 'hazardous goods' from Japan is a problem:(

    1. Blue Train is divine! I've been able to smuggle polishes out before, but I've also had packages returned to me as well. One those occasions, I guess someone at customs was feeling a bit diligent :P

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