isn't the packaging cute :)

I've been itching to dye my hair a dark wine color; so, once I found the Beautylabo dye in Deep Rose, I had to give it a go.

Although I applied Vaseline along my hairline, the dye was so potent, it stained my hairline as well as my scalp.

I'm in LOVE with this color. Deep Rose is a beautiful black cherry, with an exquisite wine glow, that looks gorgeous in any lighting! Like most violet-based reds, Deep Rose will most likely fade into a brownish red. But, that doesn't dissuade my affection for this color. Unaware that this was a limited edition seasonal color, I'm kicking myself for not having purchased more boxes because, now, I can't find this color anywhere  :(

What color would you like to dye your hair?

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. Oh, this is NICE Mrs Gorgeous;)
    Don't worry about no having bought back-ups though. You know how it is,there's almost always something bigger & better around the corner which grabs our attention & those back-ups hardly ever get used.
    Happy Weekend:))

    1. Thank you love. I'll have to remember those words once this color begins to fade.

      Have yourself any incredible weekend!! <33333

    2. Eeeeeee!!! long do we have till the color starts to fade:((
      Hopefully by then then promises of Spring will be peeking through the window & you'll want a lighter shade again!!

    3. The color faded after two weeks :(

      Now I'm in hair-dye limbo, not sure what color to do next.

  2. OMG!! I think you are a box dye genius!!! Every time you change your hair color it looks more and more fabulous....