Laduree's 'La Fete Galante' Summer Collection 2013 launches on May 3rd (tomorrow!).

The Summer Collection features some new additions to the permanent line, as well as some Limited Edition pieces. For images for the items, please click here.

The Collection product lineup includes: 

Liquid Cheek Color (limited edition) in 101, 102 ( ¥3,675).

Rouge in 13, 14, 15 ( ¥4,410).

Mixed Pressed Cheek Color (limited edition) in 101, 102 ( ¥3,990).

Pressed Cheek Color Limited Case (limited edition) with pink detailing ( ¥1,575).

Eye Color Palette in 06, 07 ( ¥4,200).

Face Brush (¥5,565).

UV Protection Body Cream ( ¥3,675).

Vanity Case (limited edition) ( ¥3,780).

I've had a very bad cold for the last three days, and I think some Laduree is just what the doctor ordered! 

Most likely, I'll pick up the limited edition pieces first (which works in my favor, since I mainly wanted the blush products), and get the other items later.

What items are you lemming over? 

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. Laduree is so decadent! Whenever I see pictures of their collections if I just think of Marie-Antoinette and 18th century France!

    I hope your cold goes away soon - spinning rooms won't be good for makeup application!

    1. Same here, very reminiscent of the decadence of the 18th century :D

      Thank you for the get well wishes <3

      Everything is spinning, ringing or achy, I feel as if I'm ready for some kind of ultimate makeup application competition :P