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The biggest blunder(in my opinion) in Bath & Body Works' history was the day they discontinued the Green Clover and Aloe line! Why BBW?! WHY?!

June's shower gel, Green Clover and Aloe, was my all-time favorite BBW scent. Before the line was discontinued, I was fortunate enough to have bought several backups of the shower gel. Sadly, I'm down to my last two bottles : (  Once I've finished the last bottle, I'll give it a viking funeral.

Green Clover and Aloe Shower Gel is a wonderful blend of fresh clover and aloe. The best way I can describe this scent is that of freshly cut grass on a Summer day before rain. I love the clean and crisp fragrance so much that I can't help opening the cap and sniffing the bottle.

What are some of your favorite discontinued BBW scents?

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  2. I am still new to bath and body works, but this scent really sounds fresh and clean. Too bad they stopped making it >:

    1. It makes me sad to know that Green Clover and Aloe is no longer available :( BBW really dropped the ball when they discontinued this line!

  3. I total agree .It was a lovely scent used as a shower gel, cream or a body spay. A real bad move by BBW.

    1. I know! Shame on BBW for discontinuing this line. I've finished my last bottle, and I haven't been able to bring myself throw it anyway :( Loved this scent.