I've been toying with the idea for doing another giveaway, but I want to do something different; like some kind of beauty scavenger hunt. I need your help with some ideas. If I use your suggestions, you'll get an extra entry in the hat  (^o^) /

This is the only "prize" type picture I have. A treasure chest is kinda like a prize right?!

Wait, I found another picture of my sister and I monkeying around. Apparently, I like to lift things :P 

I have a general idea of what the prizes will be, just need help fleshing out the concept/rules.

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. You reminded of a commercial for planet fitness, a macho guy kept saying, "I lift things up and put things down"....

    What if the entry need to use something like a pinterest kind of thing? Like bloggers need to get information to submit?

    I cant wait to participate! You must have a lot of goodies in the treasure chest!

    1. Hahaha, wonder if I can find that commercial on the web?

      Even through I don't get the whole Pinterest thing (can someone explain it to me), I like the idea. Any other ideas?

      You'll love the prizes ;)

    2. Found this Youtube clip for you!


      I bet you will find it funny! I lift things up and put things down..... lol!!

      I will love the prizes??? ooo....I gotta work hard for that!!! everything from the land of rising sun is kawaii and niceee~~~

      any hints?!?!

      but with that said I still need to pick up a few more addiction pieces to calm my lemmings :)

      (talking to myself...) if you can get the bloggers and followers to do a little more than just follow u here, like u there, maybe you can engage more with the bloggers for just 1 single get away event... (in my words, make them do some kind of "homework"...)

      pininterest come to my mind because they gotta look for some images and then pin them into one collage to submit.... now what kind of images is needed of course we need to think.... maybe like a tag you kind of blog, what are u picking up the most this week for your makeup, or what new Fall collection you want to get... followed by an explanation?

    3. OMG! I LOVE that clip! I wonder if he does birthday ;p

      The prize will be from Addiction, THREE, and Laduree ^0^

      I love you're ideas!!

      Can we Skype?

    4. oh I didn't notice that you responded to my comment...

      sure we can Skype (haha, if the timezone thing is not an issue!)

      ADDICTION, THREE and Laduree... that will be going nuts! these brands are hard to come by in the US... not to mention the high mark up, now that ichibankao is out for a month in summer, those are prizes that are too good to be true?!

      gotta invite mr.i lift things up and put things own to your birthday party.... that will be hilarious with Aki co-staring!

    5. It won't be, I never sleep :P

      Man I'd pay to see that! Gotta start working on Aki's costume :D

  2. OMG Mrs G., your sister is mega GORGEOUS too!!
    Do you have any brothers?? :D

    1. I have a older brother from my dad's first marriage.

      I've get you in touch with him, but he's not into our kind :P

    2. If he has the looks you two inherited, I'm betting he's one beautiful man!! He'd be too young for me anyway ;)

    3. He is a looker ;)

      And the only thing a woman is EVER too old for is pigtails!

  3. You are much prettier that your sister. She's conventional, your're radiant.

    1. Hello Anon.....
      there is no conventional here! BOTH gorgeous!!
      Perhaps one face talks to you more than the other, but did it cross your mind that your comment might hurt someones feelings?

    2. It's funny, throughout my life, until my late teens, I was considered by others (and trust me, people were vocal) as the "ugly" sister.

      My older sister and I are polar opposites in every way, the only thing we share is our off-beat, dark (often morbid on my part) sense of humor :)

    3. People should keep their mouths shut more often. The world would be a happier place for it.
      I dooo love a bit of british humour! My own is seriously offbeat and super childish sometimes. What are you going to do when you live in a house full of sons?!

    4. I LOVE British humor! I grew up watching Benny Hill, Monty Python, and the Young Ones to name a few :)

      I guess besides doing all the things boys do, I'll make sure their well versed in the arts ;)

      It would be awesome if my son were a makeup artist!