To my dismay this morning, last month's gloomy weather has carried over into July. I have loads of products to swatch, and horrible natural lighting to photograph them in. However, the show must go, I apologize for any and all overcast photos.

Include in my recent parcel was the maybelline limited edition Summer 2013 Color Tattoos.

From left to right:Precious Pearl, Waves of White, Icy Mint, Shady Shores.

Precious Pearl: Ivory with pink and silver shimmers. 

Waves of White: a translucent off-white with an aqua duochrome. 

Icy Mint: a frosty, sheer, pale mint green.

Shady Shores: a translucent muted-yellow with a spring green duochrome.

 From left to right: Cool Crush, Blue Paradise, Lavish Lavender, Seashore Frosts.

Cool Crush: a frosted baby blue with a grey base and silver shimmers.

Blue Paradise: a frosted, medium blue with a silvered-pinkish-lavender duochrome. 

Lavish Lavender: a frosted, grey-based muted lavender with a silvered-pinkish-mauve duochrome. 

Seashore Frosts: a frosted, muted, slate blue with a bronzy, peachy-pink, gold duochrome. 

The new color tattoos have a creamier and thinner, texture than their older siblings. Also, most of these shadows offer a sheer wash of color, which may annoy some. But, with the hot and humid Summer weather, I don't mind some skin peeking through.

 So far, my favorite shades are Waves of White, Shady Shores, Blue Paradise, and (the star of the entire collection, in my opinion), Seashore Frosts.

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. Another clever title:)
    You really know your films!!

    1. And that's why I love you (^3^) You always get it.

      I'm a huge movie buff. I've been thinking of starting a blog about film :D

    2. I think that one should blog about what one is passionate about and you certainly appear to have a HUGE film knowledge. I say DO it!!
      I'd be very sad if you gave up 'So Lonely in Gorgeous' forever though:(
      Perhaps you could pendle between two blogs?

    3. I have many passions. Makeup and film are two of them. I'll let you know once I actual start that blog :)

      Have no fear, So Lonely in Gorgeous is not going anywhere :D

  2. I purchased this collection but I ended up getting rid of it. It was pretty but didn't seem practical to me. =\

    1. I've only used the four, and so far I like them. But my opinion my change with use :P

      Sorry these didn't work out for you sweets. What's going on lately?

  3. I would die for Blue paradise and Waves of white! They aren't sold here so I may have to order them somehow!

    1. If you don't know anyone who can get them for you, there's always ebay :)

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