Apparently, I'm a polish masochist because I still have Chanel's Mimosa. Every time I see it, I try to give it another chance, then I'm reminded why it's setting in the far corner of the nail varnish dungeon. Mimosa has to be the WORST nail polishes in my entire collection! The formula is thick and goopy, goes on streaky, and has more bald spots than every member of the hair club for men combined.

Mimosa is a bright, sunflower-yellow with golden-yellow shimmer. The color is the ONLY redeeming quality of this lacquer, but still not enough to save it. Even four coats can't conceal all the flaws in the polish. The combination of an atrocious formula, along with the four applications, makes mimosa look thick, uneven, and, worst of all, cheap on the nails. And, to add insult to injury, the polish chips on the first day! Bottom line, I hate this polish (yes, yes I know, hate is a strong word, but that's how much contempt I have for it). I wouldn't even give this polish to my nemesis (and yes, I have one :P).

What's the worst polish in your collection?

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time. 


  1. FINALLY!!! i thought i was weird to hate this polish - i bought it because when it was first launched, there were so many blogs raving about it and i thought it must be my own techniques that had something wrong because i couldn't get this to apply well! i still have this as well and it's also my worst polish ever, but i just couldn't bear to throw it and thought it'd be better when my 'skills' improve -.-

    1. Take solace in knowing that you're not alone woman! I'm a sucker for yellow polish, and when I saw all the lovely golden shimmers, I had to get it...was I ever disappointed!

  2. You've managed to get it on more smoothly than I ever have. And yes, I keep pulling it out, convinced I've found a trick to make it work. The only thing that's worked? I use it on my toes, because the flaws are less obvious from a distance. Breaks my heart, because it looks so beautiful in the bottle!!

    1. Trust me Kate, it was a painstaking task! For the price of this polish, it should work on both hands and annoying. I'll try it on my toes the next time I get a pedicure.

  3. LOOOOOOOOL this entire post <3 I love it when you get your snark on.
    MImosa is the worst (TEH WORST! I say) but honestly all Chanel polishes suck on me :/ Even the ones that apply beautifully chip within the hour. I had to ban myself from them.

    1. Kakakakakakaka, Snarky, snarky :P

      Mimosa is an abomination is the sight of all polishes! I should mail it to Fukushima >:D

  4. I'm a Chanel fan but Mimosa is the absolute WORST indeed!!! And like you, I still owned my bottle. P.S. I now use it strictly for pedicure so the flaws are not that obvious (when looked from a distance) :-)

    1. You're the second person on this post to mention using Mimosa for pedicures. Guess I'll give it a go the next time I get my toes done :)

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