September's issue of Voce came with my favorite extra- a booklet featuring beauty brand's Autumn 2013 lineup. This makeup almanac is my cosmetic bible for the upcoming season :)

Addiction: everything looks gorgeous! The only product I'm not over the moon about is the tube lip glosses, I'll have to test them at the counter.

Anna Sui: I really like Anna Sui, but I'll pass on these gloss rings.

Aube Couture: 03 & 04 look promising.

BareMinerals: That limited edition lipstick and eye shadow palette look good.

 Bobbi Brown: a maybe on the single shadows.

Chanel: Yes to everything :)

Chicca: I have a few pieces from the brand, and this Autumn I'll definitely be adding more! 

Clarins: Thumbs up for Clarins. 

Clinique: pass.

Cle de Peau Beaute: some of those lippies, as well as the 120 & 121 single shadows are calling my name.

Coffret D'Or: pass.

Esprique: a maybe for lipsticks RD453 & RO652.

Elegance: pass.

Cosme Decorte AQ MW: the eye shadow quads in 024 & 026 have peeked my interest.

Excia Al: very promising.

Dior: I've already purchased a few items, and I'll probably buy it all :P

Jill Stuart: pass.

Kate: pass.

Lancome: pass.

Laura Mercier: the creme liner in Canal may come home with me.

Lavshuca: pass.

Les Merveilleuses Laduree: Already picked up both of the eye shadow palettes and the three blushers. The matte lipsticks are pretty, and will purchase. Waiting for that cream cheek base.

LunaSol: undecided.

MAC: we'll see.

Makeup For Ever: on the fence, but that palette sure looks pretty!

Majolica Majorca: I'll probably get the GY971 nail polish. Update: Purchased the GY971 nail polish.

Mary Quant: pass.

Maquillage: same as Mary Quant.

Mimc: I'm a big fan of this brand, and I'll probably buy it all.

Maybelline: BU-S1 looks promising. Update: wasn't impressed with BU-S1!

NARS: yes please!

Muselle: 50/50.

Paul & Joe: I like the color of the 081 & 083 lipsticks. Also the new lipstick cases look cute.

RMK: love the collections promotional image, so I'll definitely pay the counter a visit.

Rimmel: 002, 004 and 005 look the most appealing.

Revlon: skip.

Shiseido: pass.

Shu Uemura: all the red lipsticks look divine! And you can never have too many neutral palettes ;D

Sisley: that blush looks gorgeous!

Sonia Rykiel Beaute: love this brand!

Suqqu: Most likely a go.

THREE: Yes to everything!

Vecua: pass.

Tom Ford: maybe.

Visee: the blushers in RD-2, BE-3, OR-6, BE-7 have caught my attention.

Yves Saint Laurent: can I have some more!

Giorgio Armani: most definite.

Fasio: skip.

Givenchy: those lipsticks and lacquers are calling my name!

Guerlain: but of course!

Ipsa: maybe a lippie or two, but that cream shadow in 05 will be mine!

Integrate: pass.

What Fall collections are you eyeing?

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. There is soooo much that I love this fall! I've really had my eye on the bright colored YSL eyeshadow palette. I just love the color combination! I can also say that the bare minerals palette is pretty nice. I got a chance to swatch it and I was tempted to get it but I'm on the fence between that and the Kat Von D Ladybird palette. The ladybird palette is all mattes but they were sooooo smooth! The insane amounts of red lip colors are also calling my name!

    1. I know! I haven't seen the Kat Von D palette, but I'll check it out on Sephora. Also, I'll be painting Autumn red this season :)

  2. I picked up Biteki (for the free mascara haha!) and I'm salivating! I want so much, and there's so much to choose from :( Can't wait to see what you think of the items you've got!

    1. I always go crazy for the Autumn collections, and this upcoming season is going to have me institutionalized :P

  3. I think I am eyeing to get the Tom Ford limited edition trio that is coming out this fall, and definitely getting the Guerlain blusher! (ordering it soon before they are all sold out)

    I am curious to try Chicca, as I have seen Kate blog about it. Emm, decisions decisions!

    Already scored the Laduree (thanks to you) and probably a cheek polish or 2 from Addiction (awaiting for your swatches, hee!). Emm, Suqqu mostly a go for me too!

    I wish I can have access to this Voce magazine here, such a holiday bible and it can help me decide too!!!

    1. I'm in love with the pattern of the Guerlain blusher!

      This booklet will be coming with me to every counter visit this Fall. Easy to check off my purchases :)

    2. girl, your booklet is so handy to have!

      For a few days I saw the LE Guerlain blusher on NM website and it's already gone when I came back in town!!! I am going to the local NM and get it and hopefully pick up the TF fall releases!

    3. There are so many pieces I want! I always go gaga (not lady) for Autumn collections.

  4. Ah, crap! I thought I could get by with just ONE magazine this season but I didn't know Voce had swatches :D

    I am going to be so broke come September.

    1. my beloved, September's issue of VoCE is a must!

      I've been operation in the red this Summer...Autumn is going to have me filing chapter 7 ;P

  5. WAAAY tooooooo much to choose from!
    Is the Sisley blush just the original Orchidee in a pinker form? As much as I do enjoy the orginal, I think they could have been a bit more imaginative with this release. I AM a blush-junkie though so the chances are good that it will end up in my collection anyway ;)
    I've got the Guerlain Voilette de Madame blush on the way too.....even though it hasn't had the most glowing reports!! The design is just too beautiful to pass up! I'm such a pushover!!
    I'm waiting for the Cle de Peau Enchanted Winter Garden Holiday release.The MOST beautiful packaging! I'd best start saving already :)

    1. It's going to be a very busy and bank breaking fall!

      I believe it's a pink version of original. Blush junkies unite!

      I need to place my order Voilette de Madame, I just can't pass that design up.

  6. Lizzy, do you know anything about the new blushes from Kesalan Patharan which were released this Summer? There's pretty much nothing to find on the brand. They look quite interesting.

    1. Are you talking about the four color blush? It's been 3 weeks since I've been to the Kesalan Patharan counter. If you like, next time I'm in Shinjuku, I can investigate and swatch them for you :)

    2. That would be great. Thank you!
      The question is whether they are pigmented at all & whether very shimmery or not.... & that sort of stuff. It's actually a friend of mine who is interested but she doesn't like to write in English so I'm asking on her behalf. As there appear to be little/ no swatches out there, it would be good to hear your feedback.