Sensoji Temple.

My friend Nat, is in town for the next few days, and I wanted to show him around some of my favorite Spots. First Up: Asakusa! Asakusa is a charming area, filled with many great memories, and it's a place that's near and dear to my heart.

From Asakusa, we headed over to Sky Tree. 

As we walked along the base of Sky Tree, we came across these yummy, leopard-print, chocolate-banana creme filled sponge cakes. Okay, at first we only got them because they were leopard print, but they were good :D

This is what I was up to yesterday, what did you do?

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. wow! nice photos.. you had amazing times there

    1. I have :) Our first apartment was in walking distance to Asakusa, so I'd spend a lot of time here :)

  2. Pics like these make we REALLY want to visit Japan. Beautiful! I'm amazed that your pics show so few tourists. i would have thought that a town like that would be a tourist hot spot?
    Perhaps it's quite easy, but as I don't bake at all, I'm really wondering how they get that leopard print into the cake?! Lucky that they didn't just look good, but tasted good too!

    1. If you ever come, know you already have a place to stay :) Normally this place is packed(especially during the day), to my advantage, that night was definitely out of the norm.

      They were good, thinking about going back for more :P

  3. omg that sponge cake looks amazing !
    thank you for sharing ur part of the world with us ;D

    1. I've been craving that evil chocolate banana sponge cake ever since! I'm glad you enjoy these posts, I'll keep them coming ;)

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