By the kind graces of Cutie Fishball, I've been able to get my mitts on these limited edition (and, I'm so tired of hearing, reading and writing those words!) blushers.

From left to right: Wild Blossom 205, Golden Fuse 215, Coral Burst 210.

Wild Blossom: a cool-toned, pale, lavender-pink with silver flecks.

Golden Fuse : a muted, slightly brownish, cantaloupe-orange with gold flecks.

Coral Burst: a satiny, vibrant orange with a subtle golden sheen.

My favorite of the three is Coral Burst. I was taken aback by how pretty, smooth and insanely pigmented it was. I like to mix and match all three blushes; Wild Blossom with Golden Fuss, Golden Fuse with Coral Burst, and Wild Blossom with Coral Burst. 

Did you pick up any of these blushers?

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. I also love coral burst too!!! Wish you have told me earlier when these were released! I was so worried that I cant get all 3 for you because most of the CVS/walgreens I went to didn't have this display anymore.... but nevertheless, all 3 are prrrreeeetttttyyyy!

    1. Thank you for helping me get these blushes! Where have you been recently?