A recent acquisition from Loft is Rimmel's Marshmallow Look Lipstick (not sure what marshmallows have to do with it, but okay) in 015. This may annoy some, but the lipstick doesn't have a name to accompany it's number, it's just 015.

The lipstick is housed in a matte tin casing, which makes me cringe when my nails touch its surface. I have an issue about touching certain textures.

015 is a lustrous, pigmented, English rose-berry. A lovely year-round shade, however, I feel it will look exceptionally charming during Fall, Winter and Spring. I don't remember how much the Marshmallow Look Lipsticks retail for (or if they're even available outside of Japan), but I believe it was around ¥1.050.

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.