I don't know where my mind was the day I was at the THREE counter and the Rock Ur Life Vibrant Sumptuous Lip Crayons were released. I completely forgot they are/were limited edition! When I went back to buy them (3 weeks later), the only 02 Just Be Yourself was available. Needless to say, after calling 11 counters and finally striking gold in Nagasaki,  I was able to get my hands on 01 Little Wonder.

THREE's Vibrant Sumptuous Lip Crayons have a creamy-velvet texture with a semi-matte finish. Fully pigmented in one swipe (without any tugging), these lip crayons are non-dry. However, in the same turn, they don't provide any moisture. Throughout the day, you can feel these crayons on the lips, but not in an uncomfortable/suffocating way. Also, they wear for up to 4-5 hours (drinks not included).

From left to right: 01 Little Wonder, 02 Just Be Yourself. 

 01 Little Wonder: a yellow-based, medium salmon-pink.

02 Just Be Yourself: a cool-toned, medium cherry-red. 

THREE's Vibrant Sumptuous Lip Crayons retail for ¥2,940 ($30.59)

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. I'm kind of glad these were LE and you forgot about them else I'd be tempted to get them!

  2. *cries* Just Be Yourself is so very....ME!
    I love love love my old Ruby Mist crayon from THREE -- miraculously it works even in winter on my lips. As you say, not moisturising, but not drying at all.

    1. Do you want to get Just be yourself for you? Ruby Mist is/was a GORGEOUS shade. THREE really went for the jugular when they discontinued it :(