Friday, November 15, 2013

THREE Winter Stardust 2013 Holiday Coffret Finger Swatches

Sorry for the atrocious finger swatches, but I was soaking wet (someone didn't check before leaving her apartment this morning), alone, holding a bunch of shopping bags, and trying to take pictures at a congested THREE counter in Isetan Shinjuku on a Friday night

I picked up THREE's Winter Stardust Holiday Coffret, and I have to say, this Coffret is a MUST get! Trust me, you won't be sorry!! If the weather permits, I'll post proper swatches this Sunday :)

What holiday sets are you getting this year?

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. Screw this no buy! I need some THREE in my life!

    1. ahem, I just bought this. I feel better now.

    2. Sooooooo happy you did! mine is on its way. I simply ADORE Three duos. Cannot wait , I'm so excited!!! I share the feeling hihihi...

    3. Hear ! Hear! I want them all. Muwahahaha... Actually, hem don't own any quads yet. Must try some soon ( my Xmas gift from me to moi :)!!!

    4. LOL! I could never do a "NO BUY" Bellhead :P I just don't have the willpower when it comes to makeup, but maybe one day :)

    5. @bellyhead, THREE always makes me feel better :) Did you receive it yet?

    6. @nemesis86, The THREE coffret blew Addiction's out of the water! What a shame :( Hope you're enjoying your set.

    7. @ nemesis86 again, you need some THREE quads in your life! I really need to get on the ball and post all my quads :)

  2. ughhhhh I really really want this lol NEED THIS !!!
    its sitting in my ichbankao cart atm ... ugh the markup ughhhhh
    but but


  3. Thank you for the lovely swatches- so glad I bought it now- now to wait for it's arrival!

    1. Glad you were able to get your hands on one. I fear these will probably sell as quickly as Suqqu's Coffrets.

  4. Waiting for this to get here too. So pretty.

  5. I actually come to say that I did your tourtillas and i like them very much=DD
    Thank you for swatches,Crazy markup at ichibankao,but i need this.

    Beautyaddicted Margaret

    1. Lol, Awesome! I'm glad you liked the tortillas :D I'll be doing another foodie post soon, hope you'll enjoy it.

      If you ever need help getting Japanese makeup goodies, let me know Margaret :)

  6. Haha...see what you did?? Only 3 days after this post Ichibankao has sold out of the THREE Xmas cofrett ;)

    1. Lol :P It wasn't me, it was the one armed man :P

      Were you able to get one for your beautiful self?

    2. I did .....& I see that Ichibankao has restocked, which is a VERY good thing because this Xmas set is soooo worth it! Thanks for the encouraging swatches :))
      I love the Duo way more than I was expecting ( I thought the darker shade would pull too red for my eyes ) & the pencils are the usual top quality which one has come to expect from THREE. Love the warm golden/ bronze pencil ! I'm already greedily eyeing the Spring duos. I lprefer the duos to the THREE quads.

    3. I'm in love with this set, and all its endless possibilities. I'm even entertaining the idea of buying another set :P

      I can't choose between the duos or quad...I LOVE all things THREE!

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