I found this cute photo of some Shisas on the internet. 

Hello darlings,

Leaving on a much needed (but short and partially work related) holiday to Okinawa. I'll be back soon with a tons of posts :)

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. Happy holidays Mrs Gorgeous!!
    I'm so ignorant that I had to google where Okinawa is :((
    Now that I'm informed, I sooooo want to jump in your suitcase & join you there!! I certainly hope that your stay involves more holiday than work?!! Being there for a friend who is going through chemo is emotionally exhausting. You need to soak up all that Okinawa beauty & charge your batteries so that you can be strong for both of you!!

    1. Happy EXTREMELY late Holidays!

      Sure, jump in! Just let me make sure to punch a few holes in my bag for you :P I wish you were with me on this trip. I had never been to Okinawa before, and I loved it. Aki's sister is the one going through chemo, and her strength amazes me. How's your 2014 going so far?