Thursday, April 10, 2014

Google+, I Won't Argue with You Anymore!

Domo at laptop belongs to

Disclosure: when it comes to computers, gadgets and gizmos, I'm the absolute worst! Honestly, I'm not the brightest highlighter in the palette. And, as much as I'm repelled by technology, I believe the feeling is mutual. Amongst my inner circle, I'm infamous for my lack of technological know-how; so much so, that my closet friends were surprised (then laughed) when I told them I had a blog...they're so supportive...

Domo playing (I like to think he's screaming at it, I know I was) on the laptop. Image from

Okay, now that I've sat down, taken my stress pill, and recovered from my mini "trouble uploading images, not being technologically savvy and having no idea how to fix it" meltdown, I can calmly explain the issue. Apparently, I have Google+ (never signed up for it, don't know what it is or does, etc). In the Settings column of this evil Google+, under Photos and Videos, there is a feature called Auto Enhance, which automatically enhances photos and videos. This (insert curse-word of your choosing) feature was distorting the color of all the images I was trying to upload for the last three days. Yes, I'm not ashamed to admit that it took me three days to figure what the problem was (which for me, is quite an accomplishment); I rewarded myself with some online beauty purchases :)

Hopefully, this anxiety filled and panic attack-driven experience can help those who may encounter the same problem.

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. *pat pat*

    I know how you feel, I consider myself a capable person but sometimes I think google just wants to play hide and seek with me.

    1. Ari! Where have you been woman!

      Google has become my nemesis >:{

    2. I been in hibernation for the winter! I am about to wake up soon.... 5 more minutes...

  2. I noticed the weird "enhancing" on my blog a while back, too! STUPID FECKING GOOGLE! Of course, the only way to turn this feature off is to have a google+ account, which I've been vehemently resisting. I joined google+ just for the purpose of turning the enhancement setting off and then killed the google+ profile.

    Of course now I notice that I can not comment on a YT post unless I have a a google+ account.


    Anyway, looking forward to your new posts (and your gorgeous photos)!

    1. I swear, I almost stopped blogging because I couldn't figure it out. Fucting google+, fucting to hell!

      Now I need to figure out how to remove google+, but I'm too traumatized to attempt that now

  3. It took me like 3 months to figure out why my images were going zombie. Then when I mentioned it, a few kind souls led me to the settings to disable the evil G+ feature. >__<

    Love Domo! His screaming face always cheers me up.

    1. I'm not alone! This entire thing was such a hassle, wish I would have had some help, but I survived :)

      Domo always saves the day ^^


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