With all the new makeup base products coming out this season, and with some new acquisitions, I find myself repurchasing some of my old Summer staples. First oldie up, Guerlain's L'or Radiance Concentrate With Pure Gold Make-up Base.

Having normal to dry skin, I don't have issues with my makeup migrating or dissipating throughout the day; basically, once it's on, it's not going anywhere! However, I like using primers to smooth out the complexion, and boost hydration, for added skincare benefits...and yes, any extra assistance in prolonging my painted mug doesn't hurt. No?

Guerlain's L'or Radiance Concentrate With Pure Gold Make-up Base is a luxurious water-based gel product, and it contains 24-carat flakes of gold. The gold may seem gimmicky, but the use of gold in skincare products offers several benefits: stimulates skin cells, increases elasticity, and reduces sun damage to name a few. It's been four years since I used this product, so, I can't remember the exact effects that the gold had on my skin; however, I do recall my skin looking and feeling great. If you're worried, or hoping, the gold flakes in L'or will give a glittery sparkle to the skin, it doesn't; the flakes quickly seep into the skin.

One pump of L'or.

The way I like to use L'or is by applying two to three pumps all over my face (including under the eyes), and then mix another pump or two with my foundation or tinted moisturizer; resulting in beautiful, supple, revitalized, and radiant skin. Guerlain's L'or Radiance Concentrate With Pure Gold is a great make-up base for all skin types, but, even more so for us drier skinned ladies.

Guerlain L'or Radiance Concentrate With Pure Gold Make-up Base retail for ¥10,800 ($108.53)

Have you tried Guerlain's L'or Radiance Concentrate With Pure Gold Make-up Base?

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. Hi Liz, i thought i left a comment here on my mobile, but i guess it got dropped. I'm always envious of girls who don't need primers!! This L'Or is very pretty, and i love it mixed with foundation. But it does nothing for me in the way of priming... but if you get a chance to try the LE one from last summer, Les Ors.... that is AMAZING! It marries the best of L'Or and the other pink meteorites pearls primer.

    1. Linda, I love mixing this primer with foundation as well! Sadly, I miss last years Les Ors, but I'll be on the hunt for it. I like using the meteorites pearls primer for Spring. Gives the skin a nice soft focus glow.

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