September's issue of Vogue Japan had me squeeing in the bookstore. I'm loving this resurgence of the 90's supermodels. As beautiful as the current faces in fashion are, in my humble opinion, they pale in comparison to their iconic predecessors. Aside from their unearthly beauty, the original supermodels possessed this hypnotic, edgy, yet, ethereal undertone that enslaved your gaze.

Although not all of the supermodels appeared in this issue (i.e. Christy, Karen, Tatjana, and Yasmeen to name a few; also some of my favs), it was fun revisiting some of my beauty inspirations.

Linda, Linda, Linda. Out of all the supermodels, Linda Evangelista, the legendary fashion chameleon, was (and still is) my favorite. I can go on and on, but I'm going to save that for a future post I'm planning on writing.

Naomi Campbell was a stallion on the catwalk.

I loved Stephanie's unique beauty...and Nadja (a fav) has some of the most amazing features.  

Kristen McMenamy, the androgynous, "unconventional" beauty is another favorite. I love faces that have something quirky about them; it makes them much more appealing and beautiful.

Carla Bruni my second favorite supermodel of the 90's. Gosh, I just love her feline features, don't you?!

Did you enjoy this nostalgic trip down the runaway as much as I did?

Who was/is your favorite supermodels from the 90's?

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. walk down memory lane! Christy is probably my favorite! All these women expressed a lot of attitude and quirkiness with their beauty. :)

  2. I could not agree with you more on all fronts!! There is no beauty like Linda Evangelista's and when you raved about Carla Bruni, I had to respond!! She is enchanting and there is something so je-ne-sais-pas about her!! You hit that nail on the head when you pointed out her "feline" quality. The girls today cannot hold a candle to those models from then. Thanks for all you do- Beth in Pgh xo

    1. You're welcome Beth, the models from the past were art in motion.

  3. I'm with Belly, I'm going for Christy. I also love Carla -- she can sing, too! What about Elle? I love her as well... Cindy and I shared the same undergard major, but, sadly, supermodeling was not my cuppa ;-D Thanks for posting this blast from the past!

    1. Christy is a fav as well. I've heard some of Carla's songs and she has a very beautiful voice.

  4. I love Linda Evangelista (though the other laydees are pretty gorgeous as well). I do agree that I much prefer the 90's supermodels as well, as I felt they are beautiful and kind of aspirational in a way. I find most of the "supermodels" these days just far too blank and thin and alien looking. = __ =

    Also: wtf is that pic in the top left of Carla Bruni's page????? XD I thought it was pretty risque of Vogue to put a kinky modelling pic featuring full minge.... until I googled it and i realised it was a furry bikini bottom that resembles a 70's lady look down there. XD

    1. I agree with you on todays models. They have this vapid beauty and lack that surreal edgy quality that many of the older models had.

      Lol, I thought the same thing when I saw that photo of Carla. Guess great minds think alike :P

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