Are You Jelly? is a beautiful, vivid (yet, deep), red-based medium-purple with a glossy, jelly finish.

The formula is extremely thin, so application can be a bit laborious. After two coats there are still signs of unevenness that was corrected after a third coat, but I applied a fourth coat for good measure. Aside from minor patchiness and multiple coats, Are You Jelly? gives my nails a gorgeous, pop of color.

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. Even though I'd have to apply a few coats, I would LOVE to wear this purple! And I noticed you were following my oolllddd blog (xlovehappyx) so I hope you visit my new one :) I am still loving your blog, btw!! Following on twitter, too!

    1. I love wearing this purple, it makes me happy :) Following your new blog, and you on twitter now.