Canada Dry has a new flavor on the block, and it's called Rich Brown. Rich Brown is described as having a more "mature" ginger taste. The color is cloudy and darker than the regular ginger ale; and, I'm not sure about the "mature" taste, but the smell and flavor of ginger is stronger, yet mellow...maybe that's the "mature" element. Also, the carbonation isn't as strong was the original.

I like both flavors, but I think I prefer the regular ginger ale a little more.


  1. Have you had ginger beer or one of those niche brands of ginger ale? I wonder how this would compare. The ones I've tried were fiery gingery and very strongly flavored. It was like drinking something really medicinal. I like the sweet fizzy ginger ale myself. :)

    1. Ginger Beer? I've tired a few niche brands, but my favorite is Schweppes ginger ale. I prefer it's sweeter fizzy taste, but it isn't available over here :'(