Contouring is a technique that allows you to cheat genetics, by defining the facial structure and sculpting features, using light and dark shades.

My favorite contouring medium are cream products; I feel they give a more naturally defined and blended shape to the face.

From all my countless visits to the THREE Cosmetics counter, I can't believe it was only a month ago that I noticed the brand had a shading wand. Guess I was distracted by all the other pretty pretties.

I love the slim, cigarette-length, shaped cylinder tube. the casing is made of a heftier tin material, giving the wand a nice "weighty" feel in the hands.

THREE's Shading Wand is an ultra-blendable, velvety-cream product that glides effortlessly, melting onto the skin, allowing for precise application, and giving a long-lasting, even finish.

The shading wand has a neutral, brownish-nude with a grey undertone, giving the appearance of a natural contour. From my experience, contouring isn't really popular in Japan. Unfortunately, this is probably one reason why the shading wand only comes in one color. Pale beauties will love this, but if you're a MAC NC35 or darker, this won't show on you.

Wearing THREE's Velvet Lust Lipstick in 12 Scarlet Noir as a stain. 

I love the subtle depth this product gives my cheekbones; particularly,  the definition it gives my cheekbones, nose, jawline as well as enhancing the overall shape of my face. My favorite tool to blend the product out are, my fingers; the warmth of my fingers and the soft, upward-pressing motion gives a lovely, graduated shadow. Now, this is on the hush-hush, but THREE's Shading Wand is working it's way to becoming a little contouring secret in my makeup kit. A perfect soft, inconspicuous contour for Spring.

The THREE Shading Wand retails for 3,780 yen and contains 2.4g of product.

What do you like to contour with?

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