This May, I'm in shower-time bliss with Les Merveilleuses Laduree Limited Edition Violet Liquid Body Soap.

Given my infatuation of all things violet, it was a no-brainer when Les Merveilleuses Laduree released their Liquid Body Soap that I would choose the violet scent. The Liquid Body Soap comes in four fragrances: Rose (permanent), Violet (limited edition, need to stock up on this), Orange Flower (limited edition, and next on my list), and Roudoudou (limited edition, and also on the list).

I love seeing the bottle in my shower, as well as holding it. The Bottle's shape, curves and embossed details make me feel dainty, and self-indulgent...wonder if Aki feels the same way?

Laduree's Violet Liquid Body Soap has a milky-pearlized color with an ever-so- slight violet sheen, that lathers into a rich, velvety foam. The violet fragrance is absolutely amazing, it feels sinful to wash it off. The violet bouquet doesn't linger outside of the shower, but that doesn't bother me since I don't rely on my body washes to act as a perfume.

I've only been using the liquid soap for six days now, and so far, my skin feels clean and soft, and not dry or tight.

Les Merveilleuses Laduree Liquid Body Soap retails for 2,376 yen and contains 230ml / 7.7 fl.oz.


  1. Are you asking if Aki feels self indulgent when he slathers himself with this violet scented body wash? :DD I bet he does and I think he would like it!!!

    Sounds totally heavenly and the body is so pretty, too!

    1. Aki and I use the same body wash, so the man always smells great. But yes, I wonder if he feels as dainty and self-indulgent as I do when he uses it ;P

      He actually commented on how much he liked the scent the other day, so I guess it's working.

  2. ^^ I said BODY, but meant bottle. :D

    1. Jajaja, you know you meant body...I know you want to see me nekkid :P

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