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Total fail on the photo of the bottle above. I just couldn't capture the magical shade in this bottle. 

Wowzers! It's been over a year since I posted an actual Addiction product on the blog...Shame on me! 

Addiction's nail polishes are some of my favorite lacquers on the market. The colors are gorgeous, they wear extremely well, and they are INSANELY glossy.

Deep Purple 040 is a jaw-dropping, royal purple with amethyst and violet micro-shimmer, and equally stunning iridescent flashes of violet-pink and russet-orange-cooper. Golly (bringing that word back), such a remarkably beautiful shade; how can you not fall in love with it?! And, can you see how absurdly shiny Deep Purple is? I'm not even wearing a top coat, and my nails have this "buffed and waxed showroom car" shine. Deep Purple is so shiny that my camera was having a hard time focusing.

Without a doubt, Deep Purple is one of my favorite shades in my entire collection.


  1. OH MY GOD. Liz is so right! DYING at this majestic purple beauty!!!

    1. I wish I could send a bottle to both you and Liz. Whenever I visit the states, I'll mail a bottle to you both

  2. That is the prettiest purple polish I think I have ever seen!

    1. Agreed! Deep Purple has to be one of prettiest purple EVER!

  3. OMG!!! This is soooo pretty! I super duper love the color and finish. This is def worth trying out. Love it!

  4. So gorgeous!
    Deep Purple reminds me of Revlon Plum Attraction or essie Sexy Divide, but obviously, it is so much better.

    1. I wish I could mail polishes...curse Japanese customs!

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