Six weeks and one day left in my Addiction giveaway.

The Prizes (all items are paid for by moi):

One Addiction Compact Case II.
Four Addiction Eyeshadows.
One Addiction Blush.
One Addiction Cheek Stick.
One Addiction Lipstick.

What you have to do and how to increase your chances to win (same method as one of my older giveaways):

1. All gorgeous members (via the members section on the blog) automatically get one entry. So, don't forget to click the "Join this site" button.

2. In the comment section, please write what items you would choose if you won. This will earn you two entries.

3. If you blog about/or tweet this giveaway, you'll earn another three entries into the hat. (please link the post in the comments, thank you!).

The Enabling Your Beauty Habits Giveaway ends on August 9th, 11:59 (GMT+9).


  1. I would love to try the Addiction eyeshadow and lipstick. Their products seem to have such a luxurious and creative vibe!

    1. For a Japanese brand, Addiction does have more an edgier vibe with all the vibrant colors and creative aesthetic. Thank you for joining the giveaway Leah!

  2. If I was the winner, my choice is:
    - Compact Case II: 4 shades (Shangri-La, Pink Sky, Flower Carpet, Tiny Shell) and 1 blush (Princess Goh)
    - 4 shades: Rigoletto, Private Beach, Arabian Ruby, Yesterday
    - One blush: Good Girl
    - 1 check stick: Sensually
    - One lipstick: Superwoman
    The choice of colors is not easy, everything looks so beautiful-

    1. All the shades are gorgeous, and now that more shades are coming out in the beginning of August, it's going to be even harder to choose ;D